Shannon Paprocky is a photographer based out of Long Island, New York. She specializes in abstraction, distortion, conceptual photographs. While also working on the side with some pet, family, and individual portrait photography. She often works with either herself or a natural landscape as her subject. Her inspiration is typically drawn from the world around her. This is likely because or her firm Christian beliefs. As a Christian she believes that people were created by an amazing God and that this God placed in each person that he has created His profound and wonderful desire to create.


Shannon is a fearless conqueror of every image she sets out to create. When she comes up with an idea she is willing to do whatever is necessary to bring it to life so that others can see the world in the way she does by viewing her images. Shannon is able to create these images thanks to the incredible training she is receiving as a photographic imaging major at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC). She will be graduating from SCCC's photographic imaging program in the Spring of 2018 and is excited to enter the next chapter in her training by transferring to a four year photography program as soon as she graduates. Thanks to SCCC she was able to embrace the opportunity to showcase her work at the 2017 student art exhibition on campus.

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